Sometimes we offer programs in addition to our regular low cost spay/neuter. Here's information about all of our current programs. Check back frequently - we're always offering new things!


FREE spay/neuter + trapping + transportation for stray, feral, and barn cats.

If you live within a one hour drive of Topsham and have stray, barn, or feral cats that you're caring for on your property, you may qualify to have them trapped, transported to our clinic, fixed and vaccinated for rabies, and transported back to you for free. Call our office for more information.


Has your cat recently had kittens?

Through our Kitten Exchange, we will fix mom for free when you surrender a litter of fully weaned (8-10 week old) kittens to us. Mom will be returned to you, and the kittens will be fixed and fully vetted, then adopted out to loving homes through our Second Chance Kitties program.